Turn GPS on/off

Your Samsung Galaxy Precedent smart phone features GPS (Global Positioning System) that can be very useful for a variety or reasons. This is a necessary feature to use your maps and other location and navigation features. When you are not using maps or your GPS, you want to keep GPS satellites turned off in order to preserve battery. You can turn GPS satellites on or off manually.

samsung galaxy precedent gps

1. Press the far left soft key (the one that looks like a box with a smaller shaded box in the top left).

2. This will bring up a quick menu. Press "Settings"

3. Press "Location and security"

4. Check or un-check the box labeled "Use GPS satellites".

When this box is checked, you are using GPS satellites and when the box is not checked you are not.

Remember, you will need to have GPS satellites turned on to use GPS maps and other navigation applications. To conserve your battery, keep GPS satellites on your Samsung Galaxy Precedent turned off.

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