How to add a Gmail account

samsung galaxy precedent email

The Samsung Precedent sports both an Email and Gmail apps. The Gmail apps is specifically used for Gmail addresses of course while the Email app can be used for any email address. You can add and delete multiple accounts on the Gmail app with ease. One thing to keep in mind is that the App Market Gmail address is permanently married to the phone so you cannot remove that account without resetting the phone to factory settings once that account has been added. Anyhow, adding additional GMail addresses is easy. You might want to create a new account online if you don't already have one because it's much easier that way. The phone does allow you to create one using the phone if you prefer to do it that way though. Set up a Gmail account here.

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Here is how to add a Gmail account on your Samsung Galaxy Precedent:

1. Press the Applications icon (looks like a grid) at the bottom of the screen.

2. Press the Gmail icon (looks like a red envelope).

3. Select Add Account then Next.

4. Press Sign in for existing accounts or Create for creating a new account.

5. This tutorial assumes that you already have an account so after pressing Sign In, enter your Gmail address and password then select Sign In.

6. Select the options which to sync. Must have Sync Gmail selected to download email.

7. Complete the set up by confirming.

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