Compare Prepaid Unlimited Android Plans and Providers

Opting for a Prepaid android plan can be an excellent money saving move on your part. Contract Android plans can cost twice as much as their prepaid counterparts. With all the Unlimited Prepaid plans out there, you certainly don't miss out on any talking/texting/surfing time. In fact, most Prepaid Android plans will give you more minutes than many of their Contract counterparts.

Consider the fact that AT&T caps their data plan at 2gb, then charges you an extra 10 bucks on each gb there after. No such thing with the current line of prepaid plan. Lastly, if the Prepaid phone selection is a concern, fear not because the Prepaid selection is quite good these days. You certainly don't have to get stuck with a crappy phone in order to save some cash.

Compare Unlimited Prepaid Android Plans

Provider Pricing Coverage Phone Selection Our Provider Rating
$55 Unlimited Everything Compare Coverage 7 Android phones available 4 stars
Straight Talk
$45 Unlimited Everything Compare Coverage 2 Android phones available 4 stars
Virgin Mobile
$35 Unlimited Data w/300 Min Talk time - $55 Unlimited Everything Compare Coverage 5 Android phones available 4 stars
$50 Unlimited Everything Compare Coverage 6 Android phones available 3 stars
Net 10
$55 Unlimited Everything Compare Coverage 2 Android phones available 2 stars

Straight Talk Overview

Straight Talk offers what is arguably the best priced and straight forward Unlimited plan in prepaid. At 45 bucks, you certainly can't go wrong with this plan. As with most of the other providers on this list, Straight Talk only provides CDMA service for their Androids. If you're in GSM only area, then you're currently out of luck because none of the top Prepaid providers is currently offering a GSM Android plan. Sounds like AT&T is being stingy with their network. That being said, we have it on good authority that Straight Talk is preparing a high end GSM Android that will use the TMobile network so all you GSM customers should stay tuned.

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The only negative we really have for Straight Talk at this time is the limited Android selection which currently sits at 2. The good news is that both are affordable entry level devices with solid features.

Coverage Area - Sprint Network

Plans - $45 Unlimited

Pros - Straight forward excellent pricing, Good coverage area, easy to activate and number portability.

Cons- Limited phone selection, no GSM Android coverage.

Virgin Mobile Overview

Virgin Mobile is another favorite unlimited Prepaid Android provider. The reason we like Virgin Mobile so much is because they have such flexible plans. Let's face it, most of our phone usage these days is web/data related and Virgin gives us just that starting at just 35 bones for unlimited data. You only get 300 talk minutes along with the unlimited data but we find that to be pretty fair considering the price. Of course you can move on up to the $45 unlimited data/1200 minute or $55 unlimited.

We're happy to tell you that Virgin also provides an excellent selection of Android devices. They've got one for all budgets so you shouldn't have a hard time picking out the one for you. As with Straight Talk, no GSM. Being that Virgin is a Sprint company, we don't expect to see a GSM Android any time soon if ever.

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Coverage Area - Sprint Network

Plans - Plan #1: $35 Unlimited data/text/web with 300 anytime minutes
Plan #2: $45 Unlimited datatext/web with 1200 minutes

Plan#3: $55 Unlimited everything

Pros - Unlimited plan with no cap, Flexible plans, Good coverage area, nice phone selection.

Cons- No GSM Android coverage.

Cricket Overview

Cricket sometimes gets lost in the prepaid mix. Until recently, they had a limited coverage area. Another issue was their a la carte calling plan. Good news on both fronts thought, their coverage area has expanded to include most major urban areas though the coverage is still somewhat limited. They've also straightened out their calling plans so $55 gets you everything. You still have to pay an extra 5 bucks a month for roaming which is a bummer. One interesting thing about Cricket is that they have some interesting add ons that may be of interest to some like unlimited International calling to landlines for an extra $10 a month, Mexico local number for $5 and Global local number for $10. On the plus side, they have a good Android phone selection. With phones starting at $69 bucks, you can get in on the Android fun for a relatively low start up cost. They've also got some mid grade options and 1 higher end option so you do have some choices if the entry level Androids don't float your boat.

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Coverage Area - Cricket Network

Plans - $55 unlimited plan + $5 extra for roaming (optional)

Pros - Unlimited plan with no cap, Nice phone selection, phones under 100 bucks, interesting add on options.

Cons- Limited coverage, roaming is extra, No GSM Android coverage.

Net10 Overview

Net10 is the new kid on the market. They've recently released 2 Android offerings both of which are entry level type phones. We like the $50 unlimited but Straight Talk is $5 cheaper and has the same basic phone selection. In case you didn't know, Straight Talk and Net10 are basically the same company. As such, both provide Android service using the same Sprint network. You may want to keep an eye on Net10 if you are a GSM only customer because other than Straight Talk, Net10 is about the only other Prepaid provider that will probably offer a GSM Android phone.

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Coverage Area - Sprint Network

Plans - $50 unlimited plan

Pros - Unlimited plan with no cap, Good coverage area, decent unlimited plan pricing.

Cons- Limited phone selection, no GSM.

Boost Overview

Boost is another provider that gets lost in the mix. This is another Sprint subsidary type company. Their plan comes in on the high end at $55 a month and doesn't really add anything over the Straight Talk, Virgin Mobile or even Net10 plans. Essentially, you pay $5 for same exact coverage. They've also got a limited phone selection so we can't really recommend them based on that. Overall, there's really no reason to choose Boost, unless you like their commercials that is. Overall, Boost has tried to build their brand on image instead of substance.

Coverage Area - Sprint Network

Plans - $55 unlimited plan

Pros - Unlimited plan with no cap, Good coverage area.

Cons- Limited phone selection, more expensive than the others, no advantage over other providers.