Huawei H226C Straight Talk Home Phone Review

Straight Talk Home Phone

The Huawei H226C Home Phone

from Straight Talk is the latest cellular product designed to replace or add a home phone anywhere there is cellular coverage. Straight Talk is not known for home phones but they are known for innovative and useful options so the Huawei H226C Home Phone is a perfect addition. Anyone can now have a home phone using cellular lines for $15.99 (includes unlimited local and long distance) or for $30 you get unlimited local and long distance + international calling to thousands of countries including Mexico, Canada, and India. Find out if the Straight Talk Home Phone is available in your area

Most people are getting away from the traditional hard wired home phone and relaying only on cell phones however this option brings the best of both worlds. Your home phone is actually a cell phone too.

Find out if the Straight Talk Home Phone is available in your area

There are some things to note before you run out and get this service however. First of all, the unit itself is battery operated which means if the power goes out, the back up battery will only have enough juice to power your phone for about two hours. Also, you cannot use this phone for satellite dishes, or fax machines. As far as Alarms are concerned, it should work if your Alarm provider offers a cellular dialer option which is becoming more popular these days. Check with your Alarm provider before taking the leap.


It would not be a Straight Talk product if it didn't have cool features. Here is what you get:

-Free Voicemail
-Caller ID
-Call Forwarding
-Call Waiting
-Three Way Calling

The unit itself lets you know if you have a pending voice mail as well as the current signal strength (you should place the unit in an area where the signal is strong).

How does it differ from VOIP services like Vonage

The Huawei H226C differs from traditional Voice over IP services like Vonage in that you do not need to have high speed internet. This is pretty cool because it can still be used if you live out in the country or any other place where high speed is not available. The device will work so long as you have Verizon CDMA cellular coverage. Another cool thing about this device is that it is portable. So you can literally take your home phone with you anywhere you go.


The Huawei H226C home phone from Straight Talk is an affordable alternative to a traditional home phone. It is a good option for those that either do not have a current home phone and want that old home phone feeling or for those that simply cannot get a home phone because of where they live. The unit is very attractive and not bulky and the $15 a month price is not going to break the bank.

Find out if the Straight Talk Home Phone is available in your area