Tracfone and Net 10 LG500g How to Transfer Music

Transferring music to your LG500g fairly straight forward. Granted its not like using iTunes or anything because the phone does not come with special software to do it. So here is video showing you how to transfer music to your LG500g. You will need a microSD card and a data/charge micro usb cable.

1. Install your microSD card.

2. Connect the micro USB cable end to your phone.

3. Connect the regular USB cable end to your computer.

4. Confirm the connection on your phone by pressing the center button for Yes.

5. On your computer you will get the Autoplay pop up. Select Open folder to view files. This will open up a screen with the contents of your SD card. Remember that the SD card must first be formatted using the phone. This will create the folders you see

6. On your computer, create a new folder on the SDcard. Right click an empty spot and select new then folder. Call the folder mp3 or similar. If you prefer, you can also use the existing Sounds folder.

7. Now open up another file explorer screen on your computer and go to where you keep your mp3s. Don't close the one with the SD card folders.

8. Set the two screens side by side then select the mp3s you want to transfer from your computer by holding shift and clicking the ones you want. You can select them all by pressing Ctrl key and a.

9. Now just drag the files over to the sd card screen and wait for transfer to complete.

10. When complete, close the connection by pressing cancel or just disconnect the cable. View your newly transferred files by going to Menu then My Folder. Scroll to the Music folder then select All Tracks. The phone will automatically discover all your music.