Tracfone & Net10 LG500G Review

The LG5oog is a GSM QWERTY candy bar (no flip, no slide blackberry like) phone offered by Net10 and Tracfone. This has been a hot selling phone mainly because of the awesome keyboard and the great price!

Carrier Tracfone and Net10

Release Date August 2011

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LG500g Specifications


4.5" x 2.3" x 0.5"

3.30 oz

Form Factor
Full QWERTY keyboard for fast texting

Screen Size and Resolution: 1.4"x 1.8" - 2.2 Diagonal"


Battery Life: approximately 8 hours talk time


Camera resolution:
1.3 MP


Charge/data cable
Micro USB

Headphone Jack
Standard 3.5mm

Micro SD card

LG500g Features

Full QWERTY, MP3 player, camera, video recorder, full html mobile browser, java applications. Buy affordable accessories and cases for your LG500g

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First Impression

So far we are very impressed with this phone and its look. The black front and the silver contrast with the numeric portion of they keyboard make it look very stylish. The Green and Red Send and End/pwr keys are a bit difficult to detect but for those that might have problems seeing them, the Send is on the far left and the End is on the far right. At first glance, you notice some interesting keys including the envelope key at the bottom left, the lock, and quick volume off key for quick access. The keys almost call out to be used and once we did, we fell in love...

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As we eluded to, the usability of this phone is superb. It is super easy to hold and not to beat a dead horse but texting with the LG500g is an absolute pleasure. The keys have a great feel and they are the same size of the LG900g, which by the way is a much bigger yet very similar style phone. Using the camera was a breeze because the main center keys offer hidden shortcuts to the camera as well as other commonly use features.


One neat feature is the ability to download and install Java applications which for those that don't know, Java is a pretty advanced option for most smart phones. What this means is you can install games and other useful applications to organize, stay in touch, or entertain yourself. NOTE: Data is used up each time you go on the web so if you don't have enough minutes, you might want to limit the data usage as we found it could be very addictive.


The LG500g from TracFone and NET10 is perfect for anyone who does not want to spend a lot but wants to get a lot. Unlike the LG501c, the LG500g is not limited to memory space and it is a bit faster. We highly recommend this phone and although we tried to find flaws, for the price, we can't say there are any.

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