LG511c Straight Talk Review

The LG511C is a rather interesting phone in that there seems to be a typo on the pricing. At $200, it's currently one of the most expensive phones the Straight Talk lineup including Androids. Were not sure why because it's a run of the mill feature phone (NOT a smartphone). There are much better phone offerings on the Straight Talk phone page. Check out the Samsung Precedent or the LG Optimus Q. If smarphones aren't your thing, check out the Samsung T528.

Carrier Straight Talk

Release Date Oct 2011

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LG511c Specifications


3.5" x 2" x .5"

About 4oz

Form Factor
Resistive Touch Screen

Screen Size and Resolution: 3" , 320 x 240 pixels


Battery Life: 4hrs talk / 9 days standby


Camera resolution:



Charge/data cable

Headphone Jack
Micro SD card
Yes up to 16gb

LG511C Features

Not worth mentioning

First Impression

Quite frankly, we aren't going to do much of a review on this phone because this falls under the category of what the heck are they thinking trying to sell this? First, Straight Talk is asking 2 bills for this phone. Were were shocked at this price tag and thought that maybe it was a typo. While we are not opposed to paying 2 bills for phone, we will not pay 200 bones for what amounts to nothing more than a feature phone. In fact, that's what it is, an overpriced feature phone. There is absolutely no reason why anyone would ever pay that much for a phone where there are 2 excellent Android Options for 50 bucks less that do literally 1000x more than this pos, check out the Samsung Precedent and LG Optimus Q.

Don't let the price fool you because this is not a smartphone. This is the same type of phone as the LG 900, which is $100 less by the way. While the LG900 is a fine phone for what it is, that type of phone is certainly not $200. If you rather not fool around with an Android and want to keep things simple, then consider a Samsung T528 which does pretty much the same as this for 1/2 the price. By know you're probably thinking that we are beating this overpriced horse to death, but there really is no redeemable qualities to this phone at this price point where there are better options. About the only thing we can think of is that this phone may fill a very small hole in Straight Talks CDMA coverage. This is the only almost smartphone Straight Talk offers in CDMA so we think this phone may appeal to those who are in a CDMA only area where Androids aren't available but who don't want a plane jane do nothing other than call/text type phone. We think that market doesn't exist or maybe there is some other unknown reason why they are trying to pass this thing off as a phone worth selling.


If you haven't sensed it yet, we think this phone is a way overpriced piece of crap. There's not much to see here so head on over to one of our other Straight Talk phone reviews. We urge Straight Talk to remove this phone from their phone selection ASAP because it totally sucks for the price. We haven't said that about any other Straight Talk offering so far because their phone selection has something for everybody. If they knock the price down by say $50 bones we will revisit this one, until then, check out our other Reviews.