Motorola Ex124g Straight Talk Review

The Motorola 124g is arguably Tracfone's best and coolest device to date. Though still of the resistive type, the touchscreen is quite responsive. The motion sensor also adds to the touch functionality as the virtual QWERTY keypad adjusts horizontally or vertically when texting. Worth mentioning is the 3 mega pixel camera which is the highest resolution camera of any Tracfone if this is important to you. Overall, an excellent quality Feature phone that you will enjoy and certainly light years ahead from the plane Tracfones.

Carrier Tracfone

Release Date June 2011.

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Motorola EX124g Specifications


4.21" x 2.24" x .50"

3.42 ouces

Form Factor
Resistive Touch Screen

Screen Size and Resolution:
3.2" Diagonal - 3.0"X1.6" Actual


Battery Life:
Up to 9 days (standby), Up to 5 hours (talk time)


Camera resolution:
3.0 Megapixels

v2.1 with A2DP

Charge/data cable
Micro USB cable

Headphone Jack
3.5 mm (Standard iPod type)

Micro SD card
Yes, up to 8 GB

Samsung R375c Features

Java app compatible, MP3 player, FM player, video recorder, 3.0 Digital camera, microSD card, Bluetooth.

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First Impression

The EX124g feels and looks like a high quality device. A dark chrome bezzel adorns a high quality plastic body. The back has the nice rubberized type finished that's become so popular. A 360 look reveals a simple and intuitive interface. 3 physical buttons (Send, End , Back) of the touch variety are conveniently placed just below the screen. Right hand side contains a screen lock/power button, volume rocker and camera quick launch. Top of the phone has the microUSB data/charge port and 3.5mm headphone jack. A convenient stylus is tucked away and camouflaged on the top right hand corner of the phone.

The large display is bright and easy to see. We found the user interface to be very clean but a little verbose when making selections at times, more on that later. The icons are all high quality and nicely rendered. One of the cooler UI features is the ability to customize the 3 available home screens. Hold your finger to the screen for a few secs and you get the option to add little widgets like clock, media player, calendar, picture frame and more.

One thing that's a bit disconcerting at first is the screen material as the top layer is of the thin plastic variety. After using the phone for a while this has not proven to be an issue with durability though one of those universal type screen protectors will go a long way and will not interfere with screen response.

The EX124g has proven to be an enjoyable device and we must say is light years ahead of they basic Tracfone.

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Despite the resistive screen, the EX124g has proven to be quite an easy device to live with. The resistive screen is very responsive. In fact, it responds to slight pushes so you don't need to apply too much pressure to get a response. The motion sensor makes texting very easy as the virtual keyboard adjusts to Horizontal and Vertical position. It was nice to find that the virtual keyboard was QWERTY in both orientations so no mucking around with change of settings on this phone.

Another thing that proved surprisingly handy was the built in stylus. While we know styluses are so 90s, it does come in handy in relaxed type settings, like sitting around enjoying a cup of coffee perhaps.

About the only quirk that we didn't like was the rather verbose menus that tend to increase the amount of input from you. For example, when texting you type the message and instead of having a Send option you get an Options option. Pressing that, you then get the send option. A tip bypassing this quirk is using the middle "Back" physical button becaise ot acts as a "Select" type button in most menus. So for example, when texting you simply press that button after you're done typing instead of going into the Options option. It's not labled so its not intuitive. This is by no means a deal breaker but something that becomes obvious after using the phone. Once you discover the usage of the Back button as mentioned above, this quirk kind of dissapears.


You will find plenty of features to keep you satisfied. Most noteworthy is the Java app compatibility. This lets you installed upgrades like Opera mini for much improved browsing capabilities. Of course you get a digital camera that's the highest quality camera we've seen on a Tracfone. It actually takes quality pics even in low light and the built in picture editor has lots of cool little settings for modifying your pics. Another nice feature is the ability to record mp4s. This makes video sharing easy because they play natively on computers without having to mess with conversion software. MP3 and FM player round out features worth mentioning. All in all, a very complete feature set you won't be dissapointed with.


The EX124g is a solid phone. It's got plenty of features to satisfy most. The ability to install Java apps is a plus and always a welcomed addition to any feature phone. In short, the EX124g is by far the coolest of Tracfone device. The responsive screen makes it a phone everyone can ejoy including heavy texters.