Parts of Samsung Galaxy Precednet

Below are the basic parts of the Samsung Galaxy Precedent:

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Straight Talk Samsung Precedent m828c

1. Status Bar Icons provide information about your device’s
status and options, such as signal strength, wireless
technology, ringer setting, messaging, and battery charge.


2. Display Screen displays all the information needed to
operate your device, such as the call status, the Contacts
list, and the date and time. Also provides one-touch access
to all of your features and applications.


3. MENU Key allows you to access your device’s main
functions menu: Add, Wallpaper, Search, Notifications, and
Settings. While in a menu, press to open a list of actions
available from the current screen or onscreen option.
• During an active call, press to open additional call options such as
Add call, Merge calls, Mute, or Bluetooth.


4. Microphone allows other callers to hear you clearly when
you are speaking to them.


5. HOME Key returns you to the Home Screen. Press and hold
to open the recently-used applications window.


6. BACK Key returns you to the previous menu, when in
a menu, closes a dialog box, or exits an onscreen


7. SEARCH Key displays the Google Search box which is used
to search for a key term both on the device and online. In
some instances, this key opens a search box specific only
to the current application.


8. Earpiece lets you hear the caller and automated prompts.