Samsung Precedent How To Exit and Application

Many newbies to the Android OS wonder how the heck you close an application on the Samsung Precedent. Most of the apps don't have a close option so how do you close an app?

The answer might surprise you. Unlike say Windows, where you can exit or click the 'x' to close an application, the Android Operating system manages this all on it's own. So the operating system actually does the closing for you when it needs to. The operating system actually keeps record of the last 8 applications that have been used and you can switch back and forth between these or open new applications. The phone then closes the oldest of the 8 apps. You can see this by holding down the physical Home key.

Additionally, you can download free apps like "Advanced Task Killer" from the Android app market. This may help you in situations where an application is locked up though typically such apps are not needed as the operating system was designed to manage it's own memory and applications.