Prepaid Virgin Mobile CDMA Android LG Optimus V Review

The LG Optimus V is an excellent entry level to mid range prepaid touchscreen 2.2 Android from Virgin mobile. This is a great little phone for the price and the no contract Virgin plan makes this a real winner. Virgin lets you pick from 3 unlimited data plans starting at $35, can't really beat that!

Release Date 2011.

Carrier Virgin Mobile

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LG Optimus V Touch Specifications




4.5" x 2.3" x .5"


4.7 ouces

Form Factor

Capacitive Touchscreen


600 mhz

Internal Memory

140 mb

Screen Size and Resolution:
3.2" - 320 x 480 pixels

Battery Life:
Up to 7 days (standby), Up to 6 hours (talk time)




Call Quality:

Camera resolution:
3.2 Megapixels with Auto Focus

v2.1 with A2DP

Data cable
Micro USB cable

Headphone Jack
3.5 mm

Micro SD card
Yes, up to 32 GB

LG Touch Features

EV-DO (3g) data on the Sprint network, Touchscreen , Android 2.2 OS, Android App Market, WiFi, Virgin Mobile Live, Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace), YouTube, GPS enabled with Turn by Turn, Corporate email compatible (Exchange), SWYPE text input, MP3 player, Camera/Video Recorder and more.

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First Impression

The LG Optimus V feels and looks like a solidly built device. Despite being an entry/mid level phone, it feels very much like a quality device, no cheap hollow feeling here. One of the things we really like about the Optimus is the rather compact size, approximately the size of an iPhone in width/height and just a little thicker.

Overall, the phone looks great. The all matte black plastic body looks pretty good and the black metal trim around the sides and top is a real nice accent touch. One of the things that really struck us was the great looking display. The 3.2" display is bright and crisp which is always a plus. Of course it is of the capacitive touch variety so it's quite responsive and it supports multi touch/pinch zoom functionality as well.

Taking a look around the phone, we standard 4 button Android set up, Menu, Home, Back and Search. On the right, we find the volume rocker , camera quick launch and a handy little voice dialer button. On the left, we find the SD card port which is handy since it's not behind the battery cover. The top has the 3.5mm ipod type headphone jack as well as power/screen lock button. Finally, on the bottom, we find the charge/data port.


Features is what the Android form factor is all about and the LG Optimus V is no exception. This phone comes with pretty much every major feature you could possibly want, including full access to the Android app market, 3g/EVDO speeds, WiFi connectivity, GPS and host of other features. Another notable item is the Swype keyboard for super fast typing. GPS is used in conjuction with Google maps is customary with many new phones. Of course via the App Market, you can download apps for accessing all of your favorite social media sites including Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.


Overall, we found the Optimus V to be a very usable and easy to live with device. Despite the 600mhz processor, everything ran great on the phone. Screen and menu transitions are smooth as are videos so we really did not see any evidence of an under powered processor. One thing to remember is that this is a mid grade phone and it really does a great job of running everything. As far as multitasking goes, we were able to run multiple apps without any issues. Of course, you may notice some lag with your more processor intensive apps but overall, the phone delivered an excellent Android experience.


The LG Optimus offers a great value for using Virgin's Unlimited data/texting plans. This a great performer and is a step up over the entry level Samsung Intercept as far as the pure Android experience is concerned. This is also the perfect sized Android for those concerned with portability and storability. To sum it up, the Optimus V is well worth the money and Virgin's plan is great for taking advantage of the fast 3g speeds..

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