CDMA Samsung r375c Straight Talk Review

The Straight Talk Samsung R375C is the replacement to the popular Samsung R355C. Like the 355, the 375 features a full QWERTY keyboard in a slightly more compact form factor.

Aside from the slightly different form factor, not a whole lot changes from the 355. While not particularly exciting, the phone is noteworthy because it continues CDMA support through Straight Talk.

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Samsung R375c Specifications


4.1" x 2.1" x .6"

3.8 ouces

Screen Size and Resolution:
2.2" - 240 x 320 pixels


Battery Life:
Up to 15 days (standby), Up to 5 hours (talk time)

Very Good

Camera resolution:
1.3 Megapixels

Charge/data cable
Micro USB cable

Form Factor
Candy Bar QWERTY

Headphone Jack
3.5 mm

Micro SD card
Yes, up to 8 GB

Samsung R375c Features

MP3 player, video recorder, Digital camera, microSD card, Bluetooth.

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First Impression

While most features remain basically the same from the R355, the aesthetic qualities are much improved. Looks are much improved with a gloss black face that's popular on many Samsung devices. The back cover features the soft touch rubberized finish that feels good in your hand. Resolution and screen clarity is also much improved from the original, increasing to 240 x 320 from the 220 x 176.

On the right side, you will find the ever convenient camera quick launch, micro USB charge/data port and 3.5 mm headphone jack. Because of the side mounted headphone jack, we highly recommend the angle type plug as to not damage the port when carrying and listening to music. The left side is home to the volume rocker and beneath the back cover, you will find the micro sd card slot.

Overall, this is a much more polished looking phone perfect for texters.

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Like all full QWERTY phones, the R375 offers a high usability factor. The concentric controls are quite easy to navigate. The left speaker soft key makes for quick speaker phone activation/deactivation. The four directional toggle makes for fast onscreen navigation and the center select button is conveniently placed for quick selections. Rounding out the concentric controls are a talk, send and back button.

Because of the small body, the keyboard is a bit cramped but to be honest, usability does not suffer much because of it. Despite this, the keys are easy to press because they have faceted faces that your fingers can locate easily. Overall, the R375 is a highly functional device that's typical of this form factor.


As you would expect, the R375 does not disappoint where features are concerned. It comes with a 1.3 mp camera, video recorder, on board mp3 player (sd card required) and bluetooth. One thing that does fall short is the lack of Java support so you will not be able to install any java apps. Other than that, the R375c is quite solid on features.


The 375 is a solid little texting phone. It's certainly the best CDMA device currently offered by Straight Talk. The lack of Java support is a little disappointing but not really a deal breaker for us. If you are limited to a CDMA area this is the Straight Talk device to get for now. If you are in a GSM/CDMA area, then we highly recommend opting for an LG900g which falls in the same price range.