Tracfone and Straight Talk Samsung S380C Full Review

The Samsung S380C is a blackberry-esque like device for those of us in the CDMA calling area. This phone is very much like the Samsung S390g except that it is of the CDMA variety among other things.

Carrier Tracfone and Straight Talk;

Release Date October 2012

Tracfone Samsung S380c Availability

Samsung S380c Specifications


Android OS


4.41"x 2.44" x .50"

3.4 (Ounces)

Form Factor
Candybar full QWERTY

Screen Size and Resolution:
Approximately 2.4" diagonal


Battery Life:
Up to 6hrs talk time, Up to 11 days stand by


Camera resolution:
2.0 Megapixels

v 2.0

Charge/data cable
Micro USB

Headphone Jack
3.5mm iPod type

Micro SD card
Up to 32Gb support

Samsung S380c Features

Full qwerty, CDMA, WiFi, java app support, youtube videos, facebook, twitter and more.

Tracfone Samsung S380c Availability

First Impression

The Samsung S380c is basically a CDMA version of the excellent Samsung S390g. With that in mind there are a few differences between the two. For starters, the S380c uses a push type center selection button unlike the S390g which uses a cool touch trackpad for controlling the cursor. Another major difference off the bat is the color. The s380c is a flat/gloss black without the silver trim. Most other things remain the same between the two except for cdma/gsm technology difference of course.

Because our experience with the S390g, our first impressions of this new s380g were quite good as well. We found it to be a very attractive and capable device considering the price. That said, we would highly recommend the Samsung S390g over this one since it looks much nicer and has the track pad. Now if you are a Tracfone customer thinking about this phone, then we would say that it is far superior to anything that Tracfone offers by way of full QWERTY.

Usability and Features

Overall, the S380g has an excellent feature set and is excellent in terms of usability. For starters, the keyboard keys are easy to push and comfortable to use. The size of the individual keys are good, most will find them a good size. The middle button makes navigation quite easy, there is no cursor to see but instead it just goes from icon to icon. Some may find the screen a little small, though we didn't bother us too much. After all, this type of phone is really for people who need to do a lot emailing and texting.

Feature wise, this is an excellent phone. It's got a built in email client, WiFi connectivity and excellent browsing capabilities which include YouTube video playing. You can also expand on that by downloading Java apps from the internet. Of course it's also got the standards such as camera and music player. It really does have a good feature set for the price.


The Samsung S380c makes for a fine full QWERTY device, particularly so if you enjoy the Blackberry types. The feature set is quite excellent and the phone itself is pretty affordable. That said, we highly recommend going for the Samsung S390g if you can as we found it to be a little more attractive but if you are a Tracfone customer, then we really can't recommend this one enough. It is a far superior phone to the LG505c.