Samsung t245g TracFone Full Review | Samsung sgh-t245g

The Samsung t245g is a throwback to the more rugged, dependable, clam shell, flip phones that we all came to love starting with the Motorola Star Tac.

This GSM Samsung is sold as both a TracFone and a NET10 for more flexibility.
Release Date July 2011.

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Samsung t245g Specifications


3.57" x 1.74" x .7"

2.8 ouces

Screen Size and Resolution:
1.52" - 128 pixels


Battery Life:
Up to 7.5 days (standby), Up to 4.5 hours (talk time)


Camera resolution:
Low resolution

Charge/data cable
Micro USB cable

Form Factor
Flip phone

Headphone Jack
3.5 mm

Micro SD card
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Samsung t245g Features

Digital camera, Bluetooth version 2.0.

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First Impression

This phone is not impressive at all. It resembles older TracFone models like the Samsung 255 but it is a slight improvement.


The Samsung t245g is the easiest of all the phones to use. Simply open dial and press send to make a call, and End the call and close it when you're done. People love the simplicity and the fact that the phone just works. You don't have to figure it out and you don't even need to read the manual to use it. If you want to send a message, you go to Menu and select messages. If you want to go on the web, simply go to menu and select the web (globe) icon. There really is not much to decipher about this phone. The Samsung t245g is by far the most convenient and easy to use phone in the series. You simply cannot make a mistake with it.


Because of the low cost of the Samsung t245g, the features are not the highlight of this phone. Although it does have mostly everything other phones have, the t245g simply is at a lower scale. The camera resolution for example is not the best and in fact, if you don't have good light, you might take some very dark pictures. The screen does not appear to be the best either at this price point.


The Samsung t245g is not a high end phone nor does it try to be. If you want a phone that will work when you need it and does not require lots of figuring out, well this phone is for you. I would say it is perfect for back to school and a great starter phone for kids who need to stay in touch. It's not an Android or an iPhone but it does get the job done. Your kid can send and receive text messages like any other phone on the market. And the best thing is, if the phone gets lost, not a whole lot was wasted. We recommend this phone as a starter phone or a low end solution to small businesses or people that just need to have something for emergencies and low usage.