Straight Talk LG L86g GSM Android

The Straight Talk LG L86g is the entry level device into the mid tier Straight Talk Android spectrum. The LG l86g has basically most of the features offered on the higher end LG l96g with a few exceptions. This makes for a very interesting and quite good lower mid grade device that does every thing pretty well.

Carrier Straight Talk

Release Date November 2012

Straight Talk LG L86g Availability

Samsung LG L86g Specifications


Android OS
Android 3.2 Gingerbread


4.90"x 2.60" x .37"

4.23 (Ounces)

Form Factor
Medium Candybar touchscreen

Screen Size and Resolution:
large 4.0" Diagonal with standard 800 x 480 pixel of resolution


Battery Life:
Up to 6 hrs talk time, Up to 10 days stand by


Digital Camera/Video:
5.0 Megapixels main camera with additional front facing camera. LED flash and 30 fps video recording.

v 2.0

Charge/data cable
Micro USB

Headphone Jack
3.5mm standard iPod type

Micro SD card
4gb card included, Up to 32Gb support

Samsung LG L96g Features

Excellently sized 4.0" screen, good 5.0 mega pixel digital camera with 30fps recording, 1.0 ghz processor, Google Play, Google Maps, Navigation, Youtube, Streaming Video and more .

Straight Talk LG L86g Availability

First Impression

First impression was that we really couldn't tell much of a difference between this phone and the higher end LG l96g. To be honest, we were puzzled why Straight Talk would bother to have two very similar devices. Then we got our hands on it and realized that this phone has a smaller 4" screen. That said, both phones are nearly identical in size and weight. If we look really closely, we find that this phone is slightly smaller and weights slightly less than its big brother.

A tour around the phone reveals a layout that's quite familiar to these Optimus phones. On the top left hand corner you the volume buttons, on the top you have power/lock and headphone jack, bottom you have the charge/data port. There is no dedicated camera button on this phone. Like the other Optimus phones, you will notice that you only have 3 Android buttons below the screen and those are Menu, Home, Back in that order.

As far as the looks go, once again we find a very similar look across all the new Optimus phones. This one has a nice silver finished plastic that surrounds the screen. While the center button is of the push button variety, the left and right buttons are of the push capacitive types. All in all, the phone has a very modern look to it despite it being quite square.

Usability and Features

The LG L86l is no different as far as features are concerned. You get full Android functionality including Google Play, Google Maps, Youtube, etc. Keep in mind that this phone has a 1ghz processor so you won't be limited in that department either. Another excellent feature on this phone is the digital camera which gives you 5 mega pixels of resolution. You also get a front facing camera as well and video recording capabilities.

Overall, this is an excellent phone feature wise. It's easy to use and has plenty of features for everybody not to mention that the phone is not limited in any way, at least not on the Android OS side.

Straight Talk LG l86g Availability


Conclusion, the LG L86g is an excellent Android phone. It's got a nice 4" screen and a powerful 1ghz processor. This is a great overall phone that focuses on doing everything well. We won't say quite as good a say an LG Black or a Samsung Galaxy 2 but it is a nice and affordable alternative that has most of the functionality at a lower price point.