Straight Talk LG L96g Optimus Ultimate GSM Android

The Straight Talk LG Optimus Ultimate is mid level large screened Android at a fairly affordable prce ($249). This is a 3g GSM phone that will be activated with either AT&T or TMobile. The Ultimate offers us an excellent hardware package with a 1.0ghz processor and excellent 5mp digital camera.

Carrier Activated with either AT&T or TMobile

Release Date September 2013

Straight Talk LG Optimus Ultimate Availability

LG Optimus Ultimate Specifications


Android OS
Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwhich


4.92"x 2.63" x .37"

4.30 (Ounces)

Screen Size and Resolution:
large 4.3" Diagonal with standard 800 x 480 pixel of resolution

Form Factor
Large Candybar touchscreen

3g GSM & WiFi

Battery Life:
Up to 8 hrs talk time, Up to 12 days stand by


Digital Camera/Video:
5.0 Megapixels main camera with additional front facing camera. LED flash, Touch zoom capabilities, GPS tagging and 30 fps video recording.

v 2.0

Charge/data cable
Micro USB

Headphone Jack
3.5mm standard iPod type

Micro SD card
4gb pre-installed sd card included, Up to 32Gb support

LG Optimus Ultimate Features

Large 4.3" screen, excellent digital camera features, fast 1.0 ghz processor, Google Play, Google Maps, Navigation, Youtube, Streaming Video and more .

Straight Talk LG Ultimate Availability

First Impression

The large 4.3" was quite impressive which in our mind puts this phone in the upper mid level of Straight Talk offerings. In fact, the LG Ultimate is about the largest screened phone you can get from Straight Talk without shelling out the big bucks for the Samsung Galaxy S3/S4. As with all the new Optimus branded phones, the LG Optimus Ultimate comes with only 3 android phones below the screen. You might think this is somewhat of a handicap and rather odd place to cut costs but we find it quite clever as they just got rid of that useless Search button. I say useless because I have never used it myself. The remaining buttons are the usual ones on all Androids, Menu, Home and Back.

A tour around the phone reveals a pretty standard layout. Upper left hand side has the volume buttons, bottom right we find the camera button, the top has the headphone jack and power/lock button then on the bottom we have the charge/data port. As noted previously, the bottom of the screen has the 3 Android button layout with the Menu, Home and back in that order. The middle button is a push button type which is recessed into the body so looks quite nice. On the left and right are capacitive touch buttons that are back lit and turn on when touched.

In the looks department, the phone is all plastic construction with a plastic screen. There's not much by way of decorative flashy trims on this one. About all you will find is a black chrome look bezel around the screen which is actually pretty slim and does not really stand out. Overall, the LG Optimus Ultimate is an good but not flashy looking phone you won't be ashamed to carry.

Usability and Features

As with all Straight Talk phones, the LG Ultimate is a full featured Android. That is to say, nothing has been removed from the Operating System to limit or curb your user experience in any way. You get the Google Play app store, Google Maps, Navigation, Youtube and more. Additionally, you can download and purchase any app just like you would from a regular post paid Android phone. Apps include Netflix, HBO Go app, Angry Birds, etc. Since the phone has a 1ghz processor and comes with Android 4.0, you can really enjoy just about any app as it's got plenty of horse power to handle even the most demanding of applications, this includes Netflix by the way.

All in all, features are standard and the same as an Android contract phone. All of the Android features are intact so you don't loose any functionality by going with the Straight Talk Unlimited prepaid plan.


Conclusion, the LG Optimus Ultimate is an excellent Android device that would be awesome for those of use who like large screens. Even more demanding users will find that the Ultimate will more than suit their needs. To sum it up, this is an excellent all around phone that works and looks great!