Straight Talk LG Optimus Zip Full Review Model L75C

Straight Talk/Net10 LG Optimus zip Review
LG Optimus zip qwerty
What's in the box

The LG Optimus Zip is full QWERTY, full featured prepaid Android device offered by Straight Talk. The Optimus Zip features a 4 row sliding keyboard for easy texting and url entry. It is an excellent mid grade device for use on the Straight Talk $45 Unlimited plan (sorry, the $30 plan will not work with this phone). An effecient and attractive design make the LG Zip worth checking out...

Carrier Straight Talk

Release Date July 2012

Straight Talk LG Optimus Zip Availability

LG Optimus Zip Specifications


Android OS
Gingerbread Android v 2.3


4.5"x 2.3" x .6"

5.5 (Ounces)

Form Factor
Touch Screen (Slide out QWERTY keyboard)

Screen Size and Resolution:
3.2" Diagonal, 320 x 480 pixels 256K color


Battery Life:
Up to 7hrs talk time, Up to 10 days stand by


Camera resolution:
3.2 Megapixels

v 2.0

Charge/data cable
Micro USB

Headphone Jack

Micro SD card
4gb card included, Up to 32Gb support

LG Optimus Zip Features

Full QWERTY/Touch interface, Google Play app Market, Full HTML browser with Javascript support, Video, Camera, Bluetooth, included 4gb Micro SD card , GPS navigation with Google maps, Built in Youtube, built in mp3 player, Netflix, Angry Birds and lots more

Straight Talk LG Optimus Zip Availability

What's in the box

What's in the box

  • LG Optimus Q
  • 4gb micro sd (pre-installed)
  • Charger Plug
  • Charge/Data cable
  • Battery
  • Battery Cover

First Impression

If you've done any browsing of the Straight Talk phones, you may be wondering what the difference is between the LG Optimus Zip and the LG Optimus Q, the answer, not a whole lot. The LG Optimus Zip has identical dimensions, weight and processor speed. About the only difference we can see is a slightly different OS version. If you're wondering why you should buy it it over the LG q, then the answer is why not? They are the same price so you may as well get the newest thing. If you want to save some cash and don't mind a refurbished device, then go for a refurb LG Optimus Q since refurb devices are offered for under 100 bucks. Refurbished LG Optimus Q

With that out of the way, we don't want to diminish the capabilities of the LG Optimus Zip because it is an excellent QWERTY device. The interface is quite intuitive and easy to use. Everything is located where you expect it to be. For starters, the headphone jack and lock button are located at the top. The left has the volume buttons and charge port and on the right you have the camera button. Just like all other Android devices, you have the standard 4 buttons below the screen along with their virtual touch counterparts on screen just above. In case you're wondering, the buttons are your regular physical push type so they are quite easy to find by feel.

The sliding keyboard is quite excellent. We found it very easy to use with the buttons spaced quite nicely and made of a hard plastic for easy and fast texting. Buttons are square and approximately .25" x .25", space key is a little under 1" long so its nicely sized. The sliding keyboard snaps open and shut which is typical for LG sliders.

On the looks department, the phone simple and attractive. It's got an all plastic black body with a gloss black bezzel surrounding the screen. On the keys, you have a nice metal silver trim that makes for a nice highlight. Keep in mind that the phone is a little thicker than garden variety Androids because of the sliding keyboard. This is by no means offensive in any way, just something to keep in mind. That said, they did a good job of still keeping a compact body.

Usability and Features

We won't get a whole lot into the Android features because by now, most people are quite familiar with them. Suffice it to say, all Android features are available on the LG Optimus Zip including the Google Play app market. Despite the prepaid service, the phone is NOT crippled in any way. Everything works just as it does on its contract counterparts including the GPS functionality. You will still need to register with Google to use it even though it's prepaid in case you are curious about that.

One thing we should mention, is to keep in mind that this is still an entry level device so the processor is not the fastest in the world. If you want something more powerful, check out the LG Black.


To sum it up, the LG Optimus Zip is an excellent entry level device. It doesn't bring anything new to the Straight Talk lineup but it is basically the only QWERTY device they offer, that is unless if you count the LG Q which is essentially the same device and costs the same. Overall, you can't go wrong with this device if you like the QWERTY form factor. There's really nothing we can say offended us in any way. About the only thing worth mentioning is the Netflix app is still somewhat choppy, maybe someday Netflix will fix problem because it's not the phone based on the myriad of reviews mentioning the same thing on higher end devices.