Straight Talk Motorola Defy Full Review

The Straight Talk Motorola Defy XT is Straight Talk's first, water resistant and dust proof Android for the those of us outdoors type of people. Besides that, it actually has some quite impressive features making it one of the higher end phones offered by Straight talk.

Carrier Straight Talk

Release Date September 2012

Straight Talk Motorola Defy Availability

Motorola Defy Specifications


Android OS
Android Gingerbread


4.53"x 2.30" x .47"

4.5 (Ounces)

Form Factor
Candybar touchscreen/water resistant/dust proof

Screen Size and Resolution:
large 3.7" Diagonal, 480 x 850 pixels


Battery Life:
Up to 6hrs talk time, Up to 12 days stand by


Camera resolution:
5.0 mega pixel with auto focus and led flash

v 2.0

Charge/data cable
Micro USB

Headphone Jack

Micro SD card
4gb card included, Up to 32Gb support

Motorola Defy XT Features

Large high resolution 3.7" screen, powerful 1.0ghz processor, dustproof/water resistant, attractive high end design, all Android features such as Googleplan, Googlemaps, Youtube, etc., 5.0 mp camera, extras like FM Radio/pedometer/compass.

Straight Talk Motorola Defy Availability

First Impression

Dust proof and water resistant??Can you say, wow. Straight Talk really is moving up in the world. Besides those two cool items, this is one attractive Android that really says quality. There's just something about it that makes this thing look really high end. One of the cooler design and visual features is the speaker grille that's just below the Android buttons.

A quick look around the phone reveals a standard Android layout including the 4 Android button layout that are done in the capacitive touch style. This of course, adds to the dustproofness and water reistantness of the phone since there are no opening for stuff to get into it. Adding to it's ruggedness, is the Gorilla Glass fron't. That's right ladies and gents, no plastic screen here!

Usability and Features

A great looking phone is nothing if not useless unless it's got some cool features and the Motorola Defy doesn't disappoint in that department because this is actually quite a high end device. In addition to all the standard Android feats, you also get a powerful 1 ghz processor for conquering all those demanding apps and games. Then there is the built in FM radio, quite cool considering not many Androids have it. It's not a radio app but rather an actual radio! I think this phone was made for the survivalist in mind wasn't it?

Straight Talk Motorola Defy Availability

Water/Dust Resistance

Looking at the phone, it's clear that many steps were taken to back up the dust/water resistance claim. All of the ports on the phone are protected by rubber covers including the head phone jack and charge port. Removing the battery, you will notice that the microSD card is protected by a hard rubber cover so that water and dust will not get in there. Finally, the battery compartment is surrounded by a rubber gasket that seals nicely when the battery cover is in place. Additionally, the screen is made up of the Corning Gorilla glass so no plastic here. Keep in mind that the phone is water/dust RESISTANT not proof so we wouldn't recommend doing a Triple Lindy into the pool with it in your pocket or anything but expect excellent protection from the elements on a day to the beach, lake, hunting, etc. Overall, this is a rugged little phone with lots of extra protection you don't get on normal devices.


Aside from the normal Android apps, the Motorola XT comes with some nice little apps that are consistent with the rugged outdoors/survivalist feel to it. For starters as mentioned above, the phone has a built in FM radio that works off network. It isn't just an app like Pandora so can come in handy in emergency situations when network is not available. Another little extra that does not typically come on Androids, is the compass app. Last but not least is the handy pedometer app that tracks your steps and uses the built in GPS to show your starting/end locations. Overall, these little extras were really nice and certainly unexpected.


The Straight Talk Motorola defy is about as unique a phone in the Straight Talk line up. You can really say that this is an excellent all around device. It's large enough to watch movies and the like. Its plenty strong to take outside. Of course it's water resistant and dust proof. Additionally, it comes with little extras that you can't find on any other Straight Talk device. To finish it all off, it looks great too. If your budget fits it, we really recommend the Motorola Defy XT because there's simply no other phone on the Straight Talk line up quite like it. It is by far, one of the best values Straight Talk has offered to date.