Straight Talk GSM 3g Nokia E5 Business Phone

The Straight Talk Nokia E5 is the second of the Nokia E series offered by Straight Talk. This is a true 3g smartphone that uses Nokia's Symbian operating system. The E5 offers truck loads of features only a smartphone can deliver. Feature set includes 3g data speeds, built in WiFi, access to Nokia's OVI app store, GPS, Email client, 5 mp camera just to name a few.

As you can see, the European business styling is top notch. The silver accents really pop on the all black body. If you want a full featured business grade device at prepaid prices, the Nokia E5 is right up your alley.

Release Date July 20, 2011.

Carrier Straight Talk

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Nokia E5 Specifications


4.5" x 2.3" x .5"

4.4 ouces

Form Factor
Monoblock QWERTY

Operating System
Symbian OS version v. 9.3

Internal Memory Space
256 megabytes

Screen Size and Resolution:
2.4" - 320 x 240 pixels (QVGA)

Battery Life:
Up to 27 days (standby), Up to 13 hours (talk time)

3g GSM



Call Quality:

Camera resolution:
5 Megapixels w/led flash

v2.0 with A2DP

Data cable
Micro USB cable

Headphone Jack
3.5 mm

Micro SD card
Yes, up to 32 GB

Nokia E5 Features

3g data, WiFi, Access to Nokia OVI store, free turn by turn GPS, Personal/Business Email client for Exchange/Gmail/Yahoo/etc, Chat, Facebook, YouTube, 5mp camera with flash, mp3 player, video recorder.

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First Impression

First impression is that this is a serious business like phone. The Euro styling really differentiates this from the run of the mill black Android blocks. The simple, yet elegant design is accentuated by the aluminum trim that adorns the front and back of the phone. We really like the compact design of this phone. A breath of fresh air when compared to the Androids that now approach brick size.

A tour around the phone we find 6 physical keys and the nav pad just below the screen. The top houses a 3.5mm iPod type head phone jack, charge port and usb data cable port. On the right hand side we find the volume rocker and that's it. No superfluous buttons which again, is quite refreshing. One of the quality standards we like to judge phones on is the battery cover and the Nokia E5 lets us know its top notch quality by the two battery lock buttons on both the left/right sides.

We absolutely love the minimalistic qualities of this phone and the business Euro styling makes it a knockout in terms of looks.


Its safe to say that the E5 scores very high in usability. The nav pad/slect combo buttons are extremely easy to navigate. One of the things that really stood out is the multi tasking ability of the E5. Hold down the Home key and you get a cool little task manager that lets you switch between apps so no need to close one thing in order to open another on this beauty. Another feature we really liked is the ability to customize the interface. You can switch between 4 very functional and might we say very cool menu styles. Other awesome interface customizations include the home screen. This can be customized in any way your heart desires. You can even mix business with pleasure by customizing the standard Nokia Active home screen. Probably the most eye popping customization is the Facebook like friend icons you can set up on your homescreen. There you can simply scroll between friends, select one and choose a method of communication, very cool!

In terms of features, we simply do not have enough space to list them all. Suffice it to say, there's pretty much nothing this phone can't do. With access to the excellent Nokia OVI app store, features are virtually unlimited. That being said, the stand outs are of course 3G connectivity and WiFi for connecting to Wireless networks. Of course you have your Facebook and the lot of social apps. YouTube is no problem on this phone. Last but not least is the free turn by turn GPS which is highly functional unlike the lame Google maps most other phones come with. There's a whole lot more to say about the feature set but like we said, we simply don't have the space to list it all! Did we mention the phenomenal talk battery life?


We absolutely love the E5! To put it simply, the phone is absolutely amazing. There is absolutely nothing you can't do with it. While touchscreens might rule the day, they have nothing over this phone both in terms of looks and functionality. If you want to set yourself apart from the crowd the E5 is an excellent way to do it! Hurry up and grab one because Straight Talk only offers these phones for a limited time which we learned back on the E71. Once it's gone, you may not have another chance to pick one up.

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