Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy Showcase Model SCH-S950C Full Review

The Samsung s950c Showcase is yet another new Android offered by Straight Talk. Straight Talk climbs the latter a little bit with this one in that it is an entry into the higher end of things. While not a super high end device like say the LG Black or the Samsung s959g but it is a very nice entry into the line up. Also note that this is a CDMA device so Straight Talk will use the Sprint network for service.

Carrier Straight Talk

Release Date September 2012

Straight Talk Samsung S950c Availability

Samsung s950g Specifications


Android OS
Android Gingerbread


4.91"x 2.52" x .41"

4.16 (Ounces)

Form Factor
Candybar touchscreen

Screen Size and Resolution:
large 4.0" Diagonal

CDMA with 3g Data

Battery Life:
Up to 5.5 hrs talk time, Up to 13 days stand by


Camera resolution:
5.0 Megapixels on main and 1.3 megapixels on front camera

v 2.0

Charge/data cable
Micro USB

Headphone Jack

Micro SD card
4gb card included, Up to 32Gb support

Samsung S950c Galaxy Showcase Features

Large Amoled 4" screen, 1.0 ghz processor, front/rear cameras, large screen, yet fairly compact, all Android features such as Googleplan, Googlemaps, Youtube, etc.

Straight Talk Samsung S950c Availability

First Impression

The Samsung s950c is an entry level into the high end tier of Androids. That is to say, it is an advanced device but not quite into the really high end models such as the Samsung S2 and such. That said, the phone has some excellent specs suitable for most. We really like the large 4" screen size and what's nice about this particular phone is that despite the large screen, it's still relatively compact.

Design wise, there is nothing really new here. The Samsung s950c uses the straight forward Android design with the 4 touch buttons just below the screen. The body is all black plastic with a nice gloss black trim surrounding the screen. As with most Samsungs, build quality is superb as it should be on a device of this caliber.

Overall, the s950 left a good impression with us. We liked the straight forward design and ease of use. It's certainly a nice device if you want something more advanced than the entry level devices but don't want to spend a ton of money for the high end phones.

Usability and Features

Feature set is excellent on the s950c. First, we have a 1ghz processor which we found plenty powerful for everything we tried on it. It's not quite as powerful as say the Samsung s959g, but then again that is a different class phone. What's always impressive on these large Samsungs, however, is the large screen. This one is not different offering up a super crisp, bright and vivid display. Bandwidth allowing, streaming vids looked great as one would expect.

Next is the 5.0mp camera which takes excellent pictures. It's not the 8mp that's becoming somewhat standard on some of these high end devices but it is still an excellent camera. You get much improved images over the entry level Straight Talk devices such as the Samsung Precedent, Huaweii Ascend and ZTE Merit. Another plus for the 950 is the front facing camera. Resolution here is a mere 1.3 mp but it is somewhat standard practice to place a lower resolution up front. Great for profile portraits and what not.

As far as Android functionality goes, the s950c has all the standard stuff like Google Play, GPS, etc. and it all works great with Straight Talk. Overall, the s950 is a pretty good buy feature wise. It's got plenty of the essentials and nothing you wouldn't use. A real good bang for your buck here.

Straight Talk Samsung S950c Availability


Our conclusion is that the Samsung S950c is a phone most people will not be disappointed with. It's got an excellent feature set that puts you in the upper mid to upper Android tiers and is priced so that most can enjoy it. It's not nearly as powerful as say the s959g, but then again it's not nearly as expensive either. The s950c is a phone that gets you a relatively high end feature set at an affordable price and for this we can give the phone two thumbs up.