Use Any TMobile, AT&T or Unlocked GSM Phone with Straight Talk GSM Sim Card

The concept of selling prepaid sims has been around for quite a while in Europe and other places around the world. For some reason, this has never been done here in the US by any of the major prepaid provider, until now that is. Straight Talk is now offering GSM sim cards for use on most GSM phones.

How it Works

What kind of Phones Can I use with the Straight Talk SIM cards? Straight Talk sims will work on any GSM phone operating on the 850 or 1900 MHz frequency bands. All US phones operate on this band. Unlocked European triband phones will also work. Basically any TMobile or AT&T phone will work with the Straight Talk sim. If not AT&T or TMobile, the phone must be unlocked. European and America unlocked Triband phones will also work with the Straight SIM Card. More Details

Which Straight Talk calling plan will work with the Straight Talk Sim? The Straight Talk Unlimited plan is the only plan that is compatible with the Straight Talk sim. The Straight Talk Unlimited plan is $45 and the Straight Talk sim is $14.99.More Details

Are all the Straight talk sims the same? No, they are not all the same. You must know which type of Straight Talk sim you have. Straight Talk will send you a compatible sim for your phone type and calling area. You will need to know if the phone uses a Micro sim or a regular sim as well. More Details

Where can I find a compatible phone that will work with a Straight Talk Sim You can find phones anywhere including Ebay. You can also use your existing TMobile or AT&T phone if your contract is up. More Details