Straight Talk Unimax (UMX) MaxBravo Full Review

Straight Talk Unimax MaxBravo
Straight Talk Unimax MaxBravo
Straight Talk Unimax MaxBravo

The Straight Talk Unimax MaxBravo is an entry level 800 mhz device running Android Gingerbread. The main attraction here is the rock bottom price of $59.99. Despite the fact that Unimax is a fairly unknown Android manufacturer, the MaxBravo is a solid device for the price.
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Release Date September 2013

Unimax U310g Specifications


Android OS
Gingerbread 2.3

800 mhz
4.6x2.25x.53 mm

about 4.25oz

Form Factor
3.2" candybar

Screen Size and Resolution:
3.2"-320 x 480 pixels


Battery Life:
6 hrs talk time, Up to 230 hours stand by

Data Signal:
3g Data

Rear Camera resolution:
3.2 Megapixels, VGA front facing camera

v 2.0

Charge/data cable
Micro USB

Headphone Jack

Micro SD card
Yes, 4 gb included

Unimax U310g Features

Low cost, compact design, rubberized bezel and battery cover, Google Play for downloading apps, Google Maps, GPS, Navigation, 3.2mp camera with front facing VGA camera, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and more.

Unimax MaxBravo Availability in Your Area

First Impression

Despite the fact that this is a very low cost Android, features and looks are fairly nice. We really liked the rubberized finish on the bezel and battery cover. This offers a very nice velvety feel in the hand. As expected, phone construction is all plastic including the screen. Keep in mind that you are not going to find a lower cost offering from Straight Talk so our bar was set fairly low.

On the layout side of things, the phone is fairly typical for some of the older Androids. This one comes with a 4 button Android layout but they are of the physical push button variety so no capacitive touch buttons here. One weird thing on this phone is the 1/2" of real estate that is not used by the screen so you have that space in between the screen and the buttons not doing anything other than containing a Tracfone logo. I wonder how much more it would have cost to extend the screen into this space?

Everything else if standard, top left has the volume rocker, top right the 3.5mm iPod type headphone jack, to the right of that is the power/lock button. The right side is featureless other than the SD card port which quite surprisingly, does not require removal of the battery cover. That said, the SD card port door is held on by a little clear rubber piece so will degrade over time if you open this door often. Not a huge deal as I don't suspect many users will do this.

Usability and Features

Usability and features are nice despite the price. We were shocked to actually find a front facing camera on this guy. Though it's not super high resolution, the fact that it's there on a $59 phone is a nice surprise. One of the drawbacks on this phone is the fact that it comes with Android Gingerbread, so performance is not as good as some of the other low cost Straight Talk Androids. All other Android features are functional and perform well. This includes Google Play for downloading apps, Google Maps, Navigation, Youtube and GMail. One item of note is the fact that it's got preinstalled Facebook and Twitter apps.


For $59 our bar and expectations were set pretty low. We were pleasantly surprised by the good build quality on this guy and the fact that it had a front facing camera. We were disappointed with the use of Android 2.3. That said, this phone is perfect for those of us who want Android features at a feature phone price. If you want a low cost Android phone, then this one is a winner.