Tracfone Android ZTE Valet

Tracfone ZTE Valet

The Straight Talk ZTE Valet is a note worthy phone because it brings the Android experience to Tracfone customers. Finally, Tracfone customers can say so long to their feature phones and join the land of smartphones while still retaining the same price plan as they did with their old phones. The Valet retails for $99.99 and is fairly typical for an entry level device. Namely, it comes with 800mhz processor, 3mp camera, 3.5" diagonal screen and Android Jelly Bean.

Note that this is a CDMA phone so you will be activated with either Verizon or Sprint. You cannot transfer your old sim card into this phone because CDMAs do not use sim cards.

Release Date Oct 2013

Carrier: Straight Talk

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ZTE Valet Specifications


Android OS
Jelly Bean 4.1

800 mhz
4.5" x 2.5" x 0.58"

4.5 oz

Form Factor
3.5" Diagonal Touch Screen

Screen Size and Resolution:
3.5" 320 x 480 pixels

3g CDMA (Verizon or Sprint)

Battery Life:
6 hrs talk time, Up to 11 days stand by

Data Signal:
3g Data

Camera resolution:
3.0 Megapixels

v 2.0

Charge/data cable
Micro USB

Headphone Jack

Micro SD card
Yes 4gb included. Accepts up to 32 gb

ZTE Valet Features

First Android Tracfone, Google play for true downloadable applications, Google Maps and Navigation, True smartphone technology.

ZTE Valet Availability in Your Area

First Impression

The ZTE Valet is an entry level phone with what is now pretty typical specs. The phone body and screen are of the plastic construction kind and is finished in a nice gloss black. There are two important items of note for this particular phone, first is the honor of being one of the first Androids for Tracfone and second that Tracfone didn't give is a crappy Gingerbread phone. As such, this phone, despite the basic specs performs quite well.

Now this is a CDMA phone so Tracfone will be activating you with either Verizon or Sprint, depending which is available in your area. The cool thing about these new Android Tracfones is the fact that they don't require new cards or anything like that. Instead, they use the same cards as always but will have a separate data card that can be refilled when needed.

Features and Usability

The ZTE Valet is a full featured Android so you will be able to download applications using the Google Play store. Of course, you will need to have minutes on your data plan to do so through your cellular connection but since the phone has WiFi, you can connect to that to save on your data plan. Also full featured on the Valet is Google Maps and Navigation since the phone has been in GPS. All in all, there are tons of features will will be brand new to you if this is your first Android.

If you are coming from the world of feature phones, then the ZTE Valet will take some getting used to. For starters, there are a whole lot more icons and screens to get lost in. The good news is that once you get the hang of it, it becomes super easy and will carry over to future Android phones.


The ZTE Valet is a great introduction to the Tracfone plan. You can still use the same cards you've been using on your feature phones but you can now get full fledged smartphone features. As far as the phone itself goes, this is a really good entry level device. It comes with one of the newer Android operating systems which work well on the phone even with its entry level specs. If you're tired of your feature phone, then the ZTE Valet makes for a fine upgrade at a really good price.