LG Rumor Touch Review

The LG Rumor Touch is far and away one of the better prepaid feature phones on the market. We say feature phone because it's not quite in the Smartphone league. That being said, there are plenty of features on the Rumor that will make you forget that it's not quite a Smartphone. The excellent resistive screen complements the convenient slider QWERTY making it excellent for texters. 3g speeds make web browsing a breeze so you don't loose anything by way of browsing speeds.

Release Date 2010.

Carrier Virgin Mobile

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LG Rumor Touch Specifications




4.2" x 2.2" x .6"


4.6 ouces

Form Factor

Resistive Touchscreen/Slider QWERTY

Internal Memory Space
100 megabytes

Screen Size and Resolution:
3.0" - 240 x 400

Battery Life:
Up to 7 days (standby), Up to 7 hours (talk time)




Call Quality:

Camera resolution:
3 Megapixels

v2.1 with A2DP

Data cable
Micro USB cable

Headphone Jack
3.5 mm

Micro SD card
Yes, up to 32 GB

LG Touch Features

EV-DO (3g) data, Touchscreen with QWERTY, Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace), YouTube, GPS enabled with Turn by Turn, MP3 player, Camera/Video Recorder.

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First Impression

First impression is that this is a very attractive phone. The Rumor Touch has a slick display with Back, Home and Send buttons conveniently located just below the screen. The 3" resistive touchscreen is the perfect size, not too big not too small. The 5 row QWERTY keyboard can be navigated rather easily and the buttons are spaced perfectly. One of the nice things about the keyboard is that the keys are nicely raised so you won't have any problems finding the keys without looking.

Build quality is excellent and feels quite solid. The slider mechanism for the QWERTY is excellent as it slides quickly and lets you know when fully extended with a solid click.

Taking a look around the phone, we find volume rocker and camera quick launch on the left. At the bottom, we find the charge/data port, very convenient as opposed to the side mounted varieties as bottom mounts are much less prone to damage. Finally, on the left, we find a 3.5mm standard iPod type headphone, lock/power button and 16mb max SD card slot.


Features is what really makes this phone worthwhile. For being a non Smartphone and a prepaid one at that, it has tons of higher end features including fast 3G/EV-DO data. One of the highlights here is access to Google Maps and GPS. Another uncommon feature on prepaid phones is access to YouTube when using network data. Other Prepaid providers like Tracfone will typically block this but not on the LG Rumor Touch.

As expected, you also have dedicated apps for popular social networking including Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, the phone lets you sync to your favorite email by providing a built in email client. This saves you the trouble of having to access it via the web browser.

Additional apps like Opera Mini can also be installed as the phone supports mobile Java apps. Other features worth mentioning include a fully functional mp3 player, a 2mp digital camera and your usual fare of tools like calculators and such.


The LG Rumor Touch is an intuitive and easy to use device. Despite being of the resistive touch variety, the Touchscreen is very responsive. The user interface on this phone really shines as it is extremely easy to navigate. There are no superflous screens as everything is pretty straight forward. One of the things we like is the fully customizable list type homescreen where you can add your favorite apps.

Be aware that the touchscreen is very sensitive. You can accidentally select items as you scroll though menus. This was a bit unexpected as Resistive type phones usually require a firmer touch to register selections.

One of the things we really liked was the ability to bypass the screen by using the QWERTY keyboard arrows for nagivating and selecting menu items. This is cool for those tasks that require a fine touch like backspacing to a particular spot to add or remove something.


The LG Rumor Touch is perhaps one of the best Feature type non smartphone available for prepaid use. It's got lots of high end features not available on most other Feature prepaid phones. You can trully take advantage of the 3g data speeds with Virgin's unlimited data/web/messaging plan which starts at $35. You really can't beat that if you like to text more than you like to talk so the LG Rumor Touch is probably the single best phone for those of you who fall into that category.

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