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Straight Talk ZTE Z796C

This is an all new large screened ZTE phone with solid specs at affordable price. This phone has a large 4.5" screen, powerful 1.2ghz processor running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. This makes the ZTE Majesty an excellent performer at a quite attractive price point. You get high end performance at a mid level price with the Majesty. The Majesty would make for an excellent and low cost alternative to the Samsung Galaxy S3/S4.

Release Date Sept 2013

Carrier: Straight Talk

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ZTE Z796C Specifications


Android OS
Jelly Bean 4.1

1.2 ghz
5.43" x 2.64" x 0.41"

5.45 oz

Form Factor
Large Touch Screen

Screen Size:
4.5" diagonal


Battery Life:
11 hrs talk time, Up to 10 days stand by

Data Signal:
3g Data

Camera resolution:
5 Megapixels with front facing camera and led flash

v 2.0

Charge/data cable
Micro USB

Headphone Jack

Micro SD card
4gb card included. Accepts up to 32gb microSD card.

ZTE Majesty Features

Low price, 4.5" screen, 1.2ghz processor, Android Jelly Bean, App downloads via Google Play, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Navigation, Facebook, Netflix, 3g data with WiFi.

ZTE Majesty Availability in Your Area

First Impression

At first glance, the phone looks rather plain vanilla, but a look under the hood reveals a quite impressive feature set and specs. Most impressive is the 1.2 ghz processor. The previous Straight Talk ZTE was an 800mhz weakling but this phone has plenty of speed. The fact that it comes with Jelly Bean is quite impressive as well because it really makes this phone perform quite nicely. In fact, I will say this phone performs like a much more expensive device.

Visually, as previously stated, the phone is quite pedestrian. There is a charcoal metallic look trim around the outside perimeter of the phone with a gloss black bezel around the screen. The most impressive item on this phone is the large 4.5" screen which for under $200 is a bargain compared to other devices with similar screen sizes. Now the phone is all plastic construction with a plastic screen but for the price, we really can't complain. The battery cover is of the rubberized type though it's not quite as velvety feeling as other rubberized phones.

Usability and Features

Usability is fairly straight forward on this phone. Below the screen we find the familiar 3 Android button layout. The buttons are capacitive touch and are backlit. The phone does have a light sensor so they only light up when needed. I found the screen to be just as responsive as any other phone in this segment. That is to say, there wasn't much lag or anything like that in between touches, credit that to the faster Android OS which is vastly superior to the Android 2.x versions. Continuing on with the layout, we find the charge port and volume rocker on the left, the headphone jack on top and the lock/power button on the right. There is no dedicated camera button on this phone but that is now fairly typical. On the back, we find the 5.0 mp with led flash and on the front, you find a 1mp front facing camera.

On the features side of things, we find all the usual suspects such as Google Play app downloads, Google Maps, Google Navigation, YouTube and more. Everything works just like it should so no worries that stuff doesn't work because it's a prepaid phone. I didn't have any issues with any of the built in features of this phone. In case you are wondering, all of the streaming services such as Netflix and Youtube work perfectly though do be aware that you can be throttled for too much data by Straight Talk. Of course, everything works on WiFi without worrying about that.

Overall, again we were impressed with everything this phone had to offer. Everything works as it should without any hitches. Quite impressive for a ZTE.


The ZTE Majesty is an excellent large screened device for a relatively low price. It's got solid specs and a huge screen for an affordable price. Visually, it's not the most impressive phone in the world but it's functionality is great. This is a solid phone if you want something that performs great with a large screen. We will say it again, this phone would make a wonderful low budget alternative to the much more expensive Samsung Galaxy S4.